Escape Radio

Your organization in the picture!

Together we look for hot topics within your company, your sector and the rest of the world. Based on song requests and personal stories from the audience, we create a 100% tailormade show.
Sounds like music to your ears, right?

References: Thousands of people around the globe have felt the connection already. Companies like Randstad, Nipro, MSD, Lyreco, Larcier-Intersentia, Versele-Laga,… have proceeded you. We collected a few of their reactions to their live broadcast for you.

“With the Nipro-Radio shows we were able to reach virtually everybody within our entire organization in one go. A population spread over the entire world, but also very different people all together. Each time the program is designed to reach all company levels, from our CEO in Japan to the production plant in Spain. In short, after the first episode 6 months ago it was already clear that Nipro-Radio is here to stay.”

Bart Van Bambost, Chief Human Resources Officer - Nipro Europe

“During the lockdown earlier this year we soon noticed that our employees missed their connection with each other, but also with the company. During 4 weeks Lyreco Radio took care of tightening that connection again. All topics were touched, from a business update by management to personal stories from and for colleagues. For the last show we even took it to the next level with our apéro-radio, everyone got to select their favorite dance tracks. To be brief, our Lyreco Radio brought us (musical) sunshine in darker days.”

Mayra Fernandes, Marketing Communication Officer - Lyreco

“In preparation of our yearly International Sales and Marketing meeting we organized Versele-Laga Radio twice. It turned out to be the best intro for our 2-day (digital by force) meeting itself. Not only contentwise, but the right mood was definitely set! Across borders… The radio proved to be the ideal medium to connect our colleagues in an era where that is physically impossible.”

Sophie Lamon, Trade Marketing Manager – Versele-Laga

Attachment: More than ever people need live communication. Communication with your team, customers, partners or stakeholders. Connection has never been more difficult. Radio, as a powerful medium, does the trick. Even though we probably all miss our coffee breaks, music succeeds to connect people! And touch hearts… with a smile and sometimes a tear.
Distance: Radio knows no boundaries. Wherever you are: home, on the road, in the office or coworking? You can listen anywhere. At a safe distance from each other, but still so close! People from different regions, countries or even continents share their stories in no time. Without even 1 plane, bus or train ticket! Music really does bring us together!
1: A few years ago we were the first to launch the most powerful medium at our events. Long before meetings in real life were out of the question, we recognized the power of radio in the B2B sector. Relaunching this at the start of the Covid crisis was a no-brainer. Is Escape Events proud to be a pioneer? No question about it! We know the technical ropes, we feel radio like a pro and we have experience with the wide variety of possibilities.
Opportunities: With a radio show we bring live infotainment to your company! No formal communication, but a mix of dynamic interviews, business topics, personal stories, song requests and an interactive chatbox on the online platform. Share your success, celebrate birthdays, thank your customers, put your team in the spotlight, dive into the new year with a bang… all while the requested songs strengthen your message.